You HAVE To See This….

2015_0604_Zach-and-Chris_Social_VictoryZach, Chris and Sean, three average American twenty-somethings, wondered what life is really like for Syrian refugees.

So they embedded themselves in their refugee camp for a month, living alongside the Syrian families displaced from their homes.

They are the first non-Syrians allowed to live in the camp.

This film depicts their experience.

I invite you to watch their trailer and consider your life should this happen to you.

Is it time to re-think your views of your neighbours – those half way around the world…and those in your own hometown?

Today is World Refugee Day.
Spread their message far and wide.

3 responses to “You HAVE To See This….

  1. Linda Gotsch

    Thank you for posting something that is so very important. It is sad we cannot see more of this perspective on the news rather than an entire day about the hate in Charleston.

    • Thank you for your comment, Linda. Unfortunately there are troubles everywhere, and maybe it can stop if we love our neighbors as we love our own families. Because after all, we are one family. Would you agree?

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