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Positive Ponderings: World Shift

What will you do this year
to create a positive shift
in your world?


Can you envision its impact beyond your immediate sphere?

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Bright-Side of the Web: How do 2,000 become 1?

One man.
One vision.
One call.
2,000 responses.
One amazing result.

Eric Whitacre once dreamed of becoming an ’80’s pop star.  Instead he became this:

Watch as he explains his journey from a university student with no formal musical education (he didn’t even know how to read music) to a professional composer and conductor and how he created magic with people he never met.

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Resolution Solution

It’s that time year of again. Time to join a gym and vow to lose the 20lbs you’ve been vowing to lose for the past two years.  Will this year be different?

According to Dr. Mike, it very likely will.

Dr. Mike Evans of Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital claims that resolutions made at this time of year have a significantly better chance of sticking than when made at any other time of year.  He explains how and why in this very entertaining video.


Want to take it in smaller bites?

Why not try a 30-Day Challenge? I can assure you that this is definitely doable.

So, you have a few days left before the year ticks to a close.  What do you say?  Will you resolve to make a change in 2013?  What will it be?


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Quotes That Make You Go Hmmm…

medium_2735099379There is sufficient
for the world’s need,
but not for
the world’s greed.


For those of you who celebrate Kwanzaa, may these seven days of festivities be joyous.

Please share your favourite traditions and ceremonies.

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Christmas Wishes

christmas wishes

Positive Ponderings: Your Favourite Person

If you could only see one person this week,
who would you want it to be?

Give them a call and arrange a date.

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Waiting To Exhale

As many of us hold our breath today, a video, in appreciation of our beautiful home.

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World Wildlife Fund