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What does “Peace” mean to you?

I believe in the power of positive thinking.  The Secret.  The Law of Attraction. Whatever you want to call it; what you put out to the universe comes back.

“What you think, you become.” Buddha.

Your thoughts; positive or negative, good or bad, productive or un, give things the power to come to fruition in your life.

That is why I read with great interest a recent post about another blogger’s initiative, a rally call really, for like-minded bloggers to join together and blog for a cause.


Bloggers For Peace.  


My mind began to wander.

What would happen if many people began to shift their thoughts for this one cause?



There is proof that our hearts emit electro-magnetic waves that can join and be felt around the globe.

Imagine the effect of thousands of people writing about peace and thousands more reading about peace, daily.

Discussions, comments and sharing take place and our electro-magnet waves begin to unite.

This was a movement for which I wanted to be a part.

But I needed to noodle on it for a bit.  What would be my role?  What could I throw in to contribute to the ripple?

So I asked:

What does “Peace” mean to me?

For some, peace means an end to war – in their country, in their streets, in their homes.

For some, peace means freedom from restrictions – slavery, religious persecution, child labour, oppression.

For some, peace means not having to worry about whether their children will eat each day.

Peace is all of those things and more.

What also came to mind was that
peace, if achieved, cannot last without environmental protection.

How long can we survive at the rate of environmental decline currently in existence today – with or without peace?

Therefore, for my contribution to Bloggers For Peace, I have chosen this month to highlight a problem for which we can all contribute toward the solution (since we’ve likely unknowingly contributed to the problem).

The North Pacific Tropical Gyre, a.k.a. The Garbage Patch

Watch, Learn, Absorb, then adopt

 The New 3-R’s: Rethink, Refuse, Reconsider

and the 4th ‘R’


According to the National Geographic link below, “Because the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is so far from any country’s coastline, no nation will take responsibility or provide the funding to clean it up.”

Find out more about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch:

More about Bloggers For Peace:
Another Blogger for Peace:

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Below, share your reaction to this video.
And share what ‘Peace’ means to you.

I had to share this post from an exceptional photographer and friend in the blogisphere, Tracie Louise.
Tracie has joined the Bloggers for Peace initiative, about which you will soon read more on this site.
Until then, enjoy Tracie’s beautiful message and stunning photographs.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

The heart that loves is always young.

Greek Proverb

Alberto Mateo

Photo: Parada de Metro Musee du Louvre-Paris-Francia
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PHOTOGRAPHY – Alberto Mateo
The Last Footprint
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Quotes That Make You Go Hmmm…

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Ability is what you’re capable of doing…

Motivation determines what you do…

Attitude determines how well you do it.

~Lou Holtz

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What’s Your Word?

If you read the book or watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love, you know what I mean when I ask “What’s your word?”

During her year of self discovery, while at dinner with friends in Italy one evening, Elizabeth Gilbert’s friend Giulio describes his concept “…that every city has a single word that defines it…”  Between them, they assign various cities with what they feel are the appropriate word: Rome=Sex; New York City=Achieve; Los Angeles=Succeed; Stolkhom=Conform.

Then thoughts turn personal. “What’s your word?”small_4757004

Tossing around words such as Seek, Hide, Pleasure, Devotion, Ms. Gilbert remained unsatisfied, deciding to include the search for ‘her word’ in her year of reflection.

I won’t spoil it for those who have not read the book or watched the film, allowing you to journey with her as life events reveal her word.

But one thing I can tell you is that ANYONE who has experienced Eat, Pray, Love has asked themselves this very question.

“What is my word?”

“What single word defines me?”

I believe that this word can only come from within.

Sure others can give you suggestions for what their word for you would be, and if you are unsure of your word, you may try it on for size and wear it around for a while, but for the word to fit you properly, for it to be tailored to you specifically, for it to ring true and deep, the word must come from you.

I also believe that our words can, and likely will, change as our lives evolve.

How could our word stay the same if our outlooks are expanding?

Take a moment and think about what your word is.

What word sits right with you at this particular moment?  It doesn’t have to be the word you keep.  It may just be a starting point.

My word is something I have thought about often since I read the book a few years ago.  It took me a while to settle on the word that felt just right.  Maybe my “Waking Lyric Observance” aided in my choice.  But once I found it, I knew it was the one.

Over the years, I have often checked back in with my choice to see if it still fit. And for quite a while it did, but recently I’ve been feeling it’s straps slipping off my shoulders.

Was I beginning to outgrow that word?

If so, what would my new word be?

I didn’t need to search very long.  My new word kept presenting itself to me.

I first noticed it in a book I was reading.  It immediately struck a chord but was it the right one?  I paused and considered but didn’t want to settle on it without more reflection.

The next day, I saw it online.  The next in a magazine.  For days, and sometimes multiple times in a day, it kept revealing itself to me and each time, it felt right.  It was just my size.

So for today at least, in the space I am in right now, the answer to the question “What’s my word?”:


What’s your word?
Slip it on, see how it feels, own it, then share it below.

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Bright-Side of the Web: What Does Love Look Like To YOU?

From my favourite folks at SoulPancake, I bring you:

What Does Love Look Like To YOU?

Video credit: YouTube