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Winning The Triple Crown

Are you kidding me?

You hardly know me?

Yet there it was.  Laid out in black and white.

I read it again.  Yup, no mistake.

Someone new-ish to my blog, a recent follower, a virtual friend, awarded me not one, not two, but three awards at once!

A triple crown!  A triple-decker!  A super-duper triple ace!

I’ve never heard of such a thing, yet apparently it exists.  She herself was just awarded it.

This gracer of triple excitement is Oliana Kim of Whispering Insights.  A thoughtful (as in deep thinker, not just kind), soul whose life work is helping others and whose blog showcases her diversity in prose and contemplation.

So what are these awards you ask?

The Best Moment Award:
Awarding the people who live in the moment,
The noble who write and capture the best in life,
The bold who reminded us what really mattered –
Savoring the experience of quality time.

The Versatile Blogger Award is awarded based on “the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page…the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in the taking of them.  Honoring those bloggers who bring something special to your life whether every day or only now and then.”

The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others.

So, you can see why I think this is a big deal.  I am grateful and honoured that Oliana thought me worthy.

Bloggers supporting bloggers.  Ones who have become your followers.  Ones who feel that your words are worth reading when your latest post falls into their Reader or their Inbox.

That’s pretty satisfying.

Thank you, Oliana.

But of course, with these awards come some rules and some homework.

Here are the rules.

  1. Display the award picture.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you.
  3. Pass the nomination along to 15 blogs you have recently discovered.
  4. Contact the nominees.
  5. Share seven things about yourself.

#1. check, #2. check, #3…

Since I take these awards seriously, I want to ponder my nominations carefully.

There are bloggers whom I follow and I have previously awarded them well-deserved awards so rather than risk repetition, I ask that I be granted more time to further explore the wonderful world of WordPress in order to discover even more bloggers worthy of the triple crown.

So I’m going to bend the rules a tad and as I come across a blog that I feel fits the criteria, I will notify them individually.

Forgive me blogging gods.

So #3 & #4 are in process.

That leaves #5 – share 7 things about yourself.

  1. I am older than some and younger than others, yet feel younger than I am old.
  2. Given the choice, chocolate usually wins, even if I really feel like having chips.  (I think it’s a mental thing that chocolate is more decadent.)
  3. I am the youngest of three, five and seventeen (that’s siblings and cousins).
  4. I think cows and elephants are very cute!
  5. I bought a plant at a fair when I was in grade 3 and it’s still alive! (We’re talking like 40 years ago! – Hey! stop doing the math!)
  6. Autumn is my favourite season.
  7. I once revived a hummingbird.

So there you have it.  Seven things I am sure you are glad to know about me.

But this you must know, I am very grateful for this triple honour.  It makes me feel like all the time it takes to write these posts is worth every minute.

Triple bowls of happiness to you today.  I’m sharing the Joy!

10 Ways To Regain Your Youthful Spirit

Alberto MateoI remember the smells…the fresh mown grass, the seasonal fruit – watermelon, strawberries and raspberries.

I remember the sounds…the bumble bees flitting from flower to flower, the birds chirping merrily on high, my friends’ laughter as we enjoyed playing games in the yard.

I remember the feelings…the warmth of the sun, the cold of the sprinkler’s drops on my hot skin, the freedom to explore the world on foot or by bicycle.

Summer brings memories of childhood days without schedules and routine.

Longer days meant later bedtimes – more time to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle that summer entices.

It is during the cold winter months that we dream of summer, determined to wait out the season until we again have the chance to re-encounter our youth.

We crave summer’s simplicity in the dead of winter when going outside requires layers of clothing, and footwear to protect from slips and falls, scraping off cars before venturing out on the treacherous roads.

Summer invites us to strip off the layers and walk barefoot whenever possible.

We are thankful for the ease when embarking on the day and we don’t mind pulling on a sweater to curl up outside as we watch the stars blink open their sparkling eyes.

Summer is Mother Nature’s kiss.  It is warm and sweet and special and earned.

Summer is upon us.

When was the last time you…

…ran through a sprinkler

…jumped in a puddle

…swung on a swing

…squished your bare toes in the mud

…rode a bicycle

…caught a frog, had a good look and let it go

…lied on your back in the grass and watched the clouds

…picked buttercups

…skipped down the street

…ate a popsicle?

Embrace your youthful spirit.  The fleeting season is upon us.

Alberto Mateo


Photo credits:
PHOTOGRAPHY – Alberto Mateo
The Last Footprint
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1st photo: Boys playing in Vuon Hoa Hang Dau Square, fountain in the foreground, Hanoi, Vietnam.
2nd photo: Woman cycling among wheat fields spotted with poppy flowers, Lolland Island, Denmark.

How Far Would You Go?


Ok Women, how brave are you?

And Men, where do you draw the line?

Consider this…
 Would you leave the house without donning even the tiniest bit of make-up if…

…you were just going to the corner convenience store to pick-up a late-night carton of milk for the morning cereal?

…you were driving your kids to school and would be dropping them at the curb and heading straight back home?

…you were doing your weekly grocery shopping?

…you were going to the dentist or doctor?

…you were going to work?

…you were going out for a romantic dinner with your mate?

…you were going to the theatre (live theatre, not the movies)?

How brave are you?

And is it bravery or is it confidence?

…or is it self-worth?

What would your reaction be to seeing your partner without make-up, out in the real world in the given situations above?

And how would you feel if she dressed ‘comfortably’, not sloppy, but in fitted (yet not snug) clothing which did not bare her shoulders or legs and she wore comfortable shoes in which she could walk long distances?

Now, how would you feel if a female co-worker was make-up free and comfortably dressed?

Would you take her more seriously or less so when she spoke to you?

Gender Gap

I have often wondered why women spend so much money on products to conceal, even-out, enhance, disguise and brighten various areas of their faces not to mention the time it takes to sculpt and paint the daily facade while men enjoy the wash-and-go life.

Women do not think men are less handsome because their cheeks aren’t rosy, their skin colour isn’t even and their lips aren’t a particular shade of red.

In fact, quite often we find you men extremely handsome and we feel the need to adorn ourselves more in the hope of getting your attention.

And why in the rest of the natural world are the males the flamboyant ones with vibrant colours and showy displays to attract the female?

I wonder what would happen if women stopped wearing make-up.

I recently read an article by Lauren Shields describing her “modesty experiment” where she challenged the westernized ideal of beauty.  For nine months, she lived entirely without make-up, revealing clothes and uncomfortable shoes.  (Sounds rather freeing, doesn’t it?)

She examined the philosophy of various religion’s reasons for modest dressing and was surprised by what she found in both her research and her experience.

Does a year of living modestly appeal to you?  How far would/could you take it? And what would you expect to learn or gain from the experience?

Share your thoughts below.

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