All I Want For Christmas Is Snooze!

medium_2172138920Are you dreaming of a White Christmas – a thick white feather duvet atop crisp white sheets?

Do you long for Silent Nights?

Do you want to Deck the more than the Halls when you hear Jingle Bells?

Do you wish you could slip Away to a Manger for oh, say, a month, until it’s all over?

If so, then you need to take care of the most important person on your list – YOU!

Make time for yourself.  Indulge in a stress-reliever. You deserve it. You need it!

Find time each day for a tiny bit of self-indulgence.

Take a walk after dinner and enjoy the holiday lights and the crisp fresh air.

Take a long hot bubble bath.  Light candles, play soft music and stay in there until your fingers are good and wrinkly.  Consciously relax and breathe deep.

Meet up with friends for a coffee

Buy your favourite treat and hide it from the others in your house so it’s sure to be there when you want it the most.

Ask for help.  Delegate some of your list to someone else. Come on. There’s something you can let someone else cover. Two things? Three?

Take the long way home to avoid traffic and sing along, loudly, really loudly, to your favourite radio station or song list.

Wear a tiara around the house and twirl in circles every now and again. When’s the last time you did that? Are you giggling just thinking of how fun that would be?

If your budget allows, get a massage for the length of time that you can afford – half an hour, forty-five minutes, one hour…

Whenever you can get away with it, hit the snooze button and enjoy the indulgence of an extra ten minutes.  Hit it again.

Take care of yourself during the holidays and every day.  Be good to yourself. You deserve it.  

*   *   *

What do you do as a special treat for yourself?

*   *   *

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2 responses to “All I Want For Christmas Is Snooze!

  1. Dark roast coffee, thick as tar, and a copy of “The Atlantic” or “Wired.” That or a nice walk…