How Will You Spend Doomsday?

December 21, 2012 – the day life as we know it will end…or so the naysayers will have you believe.  What do you believe?

Television and internet sites abound with doomsday predictions:

  • The end of the Mayan calendar equals the end of the world
  • A total world-wide black-out
  • Planets aligning as never before
  • Polar shifts
  • A huge meteor plummeting toward Earth
  • Supernovas and solar storms

Then there are the predictions of societies falling apart.  Neighbours becoming enemies.  Every man for himself, at any cost.  Mass plaques.  People turning into zombies!

Am I worried about what will happen on December 21st?  Honestly, yes, a little, but not for any one of the reasons noted above.

Why am I worried? Because I’ve been bombarded with messages telling me I should be.  So does that mean I really should be worried?  Since those very messages are the ones I intellectually disregard as nonsense, then no, I guess I shouldn’t but that is precisely the effect of “mass” media; it affects our opinions.

What I am worried about is the potential for natural disasters to occur in my part of the world.  (Not that I wish them on any other part either.)

Many parts of the world are experiencing abnormal weather events and my part is no exception. We used to have snow by this time of year but for the last few years, we have not.

Is this related to 2012? Yes and no.  Weather patterns have been changing for years, and changing for the worse.  Scientists have been warning society for years that should we not change our reliance on fossil fuels and other environmental pollutants, we would begin to see shifts in the weather.  Well guess what folks, it’s 2012 and those predictions are not only coming true, they’ve been true for a while now; except now, it’s indisputable – or at least it should be.  We’re seeing more changes in weather patterns and natural disasters; both in the number of events and in overall devastation.

Will we see man against man, fighting to the death, turning into zombies and destroying anyone in their path?  I predict no – definitely no.


  • Hurricane Sandy, East Coast, North America 2012
  • Tsunami of 2011, Japan
  • Earthquake in Haiti, 2010
  • Katrina, New Orleans, USA 2005
  • Tsunami of 2004, Indonesia/Thailand
  • European drought and heat wave of 2003
  • plus flooding, droughts, ice-storms, etc. in many parts of the world

All the above listed natural disasters have occurred in last 10 years and what did we witness after every single one of those devastations?

An overwhelming outpouring of global humanitarian assistance.  

In the film I Am, directed by Tom Shadyac, Dr. Rollin McCraty of The Institute of Heartmath describes how the electromagnetic fields that our hearts emit can be felt by others.  One of their studies takes readings from 65 random-number generators placed in cities around the world.  On any given day, these machines spin numbers randomly.  They spin and spin, with absolutely no sequence.  During events such as the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, when there is a global shift of focussed consciousness and empathy, these random number generators all synchronize. Our collective heart energy is affecting the environment.
“What we do at the individual level really does affect the global environment.” Dr. McCraty   

I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing all the negative scenarios that “will inevitably happen” should a major natural disaster befall our beautiful planet on December 21st.

There is a shift in global consciousness. People are seeking spiritual fulfillment like never before; not necessarily religious fulfillment but fulfillment of their soul and their life’s purpose.  Just look at all the positivity blogs!

We don’t know what’s going to happen on December 21st, just as we do not know what’s going to happen on any day. But we can know that collectively, we can be better than individually provided that each of us act in a positive and heart-felt manner.

Make up your own mind and follow your heart.

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4 responses to “How Will You Spend Doomsday?

  1. Very nice post. Thank you for shedding light on this topic — I feel the same about the issues in our world.

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