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Resolution Solution

It’s that time year of again. Time to join a gym and vow to lose the 20lbs you’ve been vowing to lose for the past two years.  Will this year be different?

According to Dr. Mike, it very likely will.

Dr. Mike Evans of Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital claims that resolutions made at this time of year have a significantly better chance of sticking than when made at any other time of year.  He explains how and why in this very entertaining video.


Want to take it in smaller bites?

Why not try a 30-Day Challenge? I can assure you that this is definitely doable.

So, you have a few days left before the year ticks to a close.  What do you say?  Will you resolve to make a change in 2013?  What will it be?


video credit: http://www.myfavouritemedicine.com/new-years-resolutions/

30-Day Challenge – Day 30!

Pop the Champagne! Strike up the band!
Today is day 30 of the 30-Day Challenge.  I/we made it!

Thirty full days have passed since I started my first-ever 30-Day Challenge. My task: to do yoga every day for 30 days without fail; without missing even a single day.

Did I succeed in my endeavour?

Yes! Yes I did!

So what does this mean? What’s the significance of all of this?

What it means is that I made a commitment to myself to step toward a healthier lifestyle and I kept that commitment. I chose good health over poor. Activity over inactivity. Flexibility over stiffness.

But perhaps more importantly than any of those, I put myself first.

By focussing on what is a change for the betterment of my overall health and fitness, I was in effect saying, I am important; I value myself and I am willing to do what it takes to ensure I remain on the path that I am trying to lay out for myself.

I guess I need to take a step back and realize that in order to have done that, I needed to have had a vision in the first place. There must have been something that I wasn’t happy with or a will to achieve something more for myself, which I guess isn’t unusual or earth-shattering. I would assume most of us, if not all, have desires for things we haven’t done, things we want to achieve, things we would like to be, things we would like to do.

What this 30-Day Challenge did for me was to make me think about those things; evaluate my priorities, but mostly, it made me get my butt in gear and actually do something about it.  

My daily yoga practice lead to another unplanned and positive change. Upon completion of my morning routine, I followed it up by making a healthy smoothie. Good-bye toast and jam, so-long sugary cereal, sayonara fatty muffins.

Did the 30-Day Challenge teach me anything?

Most definitely.

I learned:

  • I can achieve my goals.
  • Flexibility is gained slowly.
  • I have limitations but can work within them.
  • Small daily changes amount to greater gains.
  • It’s never too late to try something.
  • If at first you can’t do something, keep trying. It gets easier.
  • One small change can spur on others.
  • Learn from the masters.
  • Be patient with your progress and you will see results.
  • Those who are stiff in the beginning can limber up over time.
  • Progress takes time.
  • Habits can be formed and unformed.

Some 30-Day Challenges are meant to be executed, completed and checked-off a list; a fulfilment of Bucket List items. Some are meant as a spring-board. Some are meant to instil permanent change. I am intending my yoga to be the latter of these three.

I intend to continue building on the foundation I have begun; adding strength-building and other methods to my repertoire all working toward my goal of healthy living.

Will I attempt another 30-Challenge? You’d better believe it!

Check back on Thursday, November 1st to see what I am doing next. You may want to join me!

In the meantime, start thinking about what you would try for 30 days.  Just imagine, by November 30th, you may have accomplished something you have always meant to try.

Until next time,

Did you complete an October challenge? Share it below!

photo credit: http://photopin.com

Bright-Side of the Web: Matt Cutts, 30-Day Challenge

I am in love with TED!

When I am with TED, I am inspired, educated, entertained and enlightened.

I am of course talking about TED.com, the place that shares innovative ideas, original thinkers and accomplished speakers. Their tag line, Ideas Worth Spreading, says it all and I am thankful that they do.  It is definitely a bright-side of the web and one which I am likely to share with you frequently, as I have already done – fair warning.

Today’s Bright-Side is a 3 minute and 27 second tidbit from Matt Cutts, a Google engineer who has made a habit of 30-day challenges, and he challenges you too.

October is the perfect month to begin a 30-day challenge. The month starts on a Monday so you can begin the week and month off on a roll without any excuses for delay.

And 30 days isn’t so long.  It’s only:
two 15-day increments
three 10-day stints
4-1/2 weeks
5 Mondays to count
4 Fridays to check off

I have purposely posted this item today since we are approaching the end of September.  Take the weekend to think it over carefully, then on Monday, jump in with both feet.

What would you challenge yourself to do
for the next 30 days?

Let’s keep each other accountable.
On Monday, I’ll share what I will do and keep you posted on my progress and I’d love you to do the same.

Will you take the challenge? What will you try?

Watch Matt Cutts TED talk here.

photo credit: http://photopin.com