Resolution Solution

It’s that time year of again. Time to join a gym and vow to lose the 20lbs you’ve been vowing to lose for the past two years.  Will this year be different?

According to Dr. Mike, it very likely will.

Dr. Mike Evans of Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital claims that resolutions made at this time of year have a significantly better chance of sticking than when made at any other time of year.  He explains how and why in this very entertaining video.


Want to take it in smaller bites?

Why not try a 30-Day Challenge? I can assure you that this is definitely doable.

So, you have a few days left before the year ticks to a close.  What do you say?  Will you resolve to make a change in 2013?  What will it be?


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2 responses to “Resolution Solution

  1. Excellent video. With the fast paced world we live in we all want immediate results. If we don’t succeed right away, we loose our motivation and then abandon the plan altogether. We have to change the idea that being successful means that the goal is met 100%. We need to celebrate the small steps that move us closer to achieving our goal(s). For chocoholics like myself – celebrate that you didn’t eat the WHOLE bar (and remember that some studies say chocolate is good for us):) Like the video addresses – we are creatures of habit – it takes time to change and accepting this is half the battle. For 2013 I vow to celebrate my small successes and continue to practice using positive affirmations (they work!). Lisa