The Bright-Side of the Web: Rhonda Lowry

Fridays will be “Bright-Side of the Web” days when I will share some positive items that I have encountered on the web.

For today’s topic, as I am entering into this new (to me) and unfamiliar (to me) world of blogging, I question the value of this venue.

Who will read it? What affect, if any, will it have on any one person?

I came across the following video on TedxTalks by Rhonda Lowry explaining her perception of the networked society.  I found her insight intriguing and uplifting.

I’d love to hear about your perception of virtual communication and/or the compartments in which you have put yourself.  Leave a comment below.

Visit Rhonda’s presentation here: Rhonda Lowry, Literacy in a Networked Society.

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