Bright-Side of the Web: Shawn Achor

I am rounding off this week with a very humourous and enlightening TED Talk video from Shawn Achor.

Shawn is a psychologist who studies the relationship between potential, success and happiness.

In his talk, he discusses potential. How do we measure potential?

Potential in schools is measured by the average that a group of students perform then based on that finding, teachings are geared to the average learner. Shawn says:

“If we study what is merely average, we will remain merely average.” 

If we change our focus, our potential will change too.

Shawn also describes
5 exercises to create lasting happiness. 

Well, why don’t I stop rambling and let him it explain it for himself. Enjoy:

Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work 

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30-Day Challenge – Day 5

So four days of yoga are under my belt. I’m still jerky and stiff but I am seeing small progress everyday.  Day 5, here I come. Only 25 to go. 

Don’t forget to continue through the weekend. Those days count too. 

How’s it going with you? Have you kept up with your challenge?

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