What Is Your Chocolate?

Chocolate covered almonds. Chocolate covered raisins. Chocolate covered peanuts. Chocolate covered chocolate.

Chocolate = Happiness. 

Chocolate = Satisfaction.

Chocolate is not only soothing and comforting, it can be used as an analogy to life’s pleasures.

A smile on the faces of family members, a hearty straight-from-the-depths-of-your-gut laugh, a hug precisely when needed, a baby’s cooing, dancing with abandon, someone to talk to when you need to vent, helping someone, making a difference in someone’s life or in the world are all examples of “life-chocolate”.

Enriching, satiating, elevating.

Basic food, water, safety and shelter are the meat and potatoes; the main course. The sustenance you need to survive; the means to keep you going to the next day.

But chocolate, ah! That is what makes life…well, life.

The sweetness that makes the drudgery bearable.

Without chocolate, there would be nothing to look forward to at the end of the ‘must do’.  No special treat with which to reward yourself.

Some of us have chocolate all around us but can’t see it. They live in the ‘hot/cold’ game.  They get close to it but walk right past it.  If no-one says “You’re getting warmer”, they don’t take notice or the time to seek it out.

Maybe that is why an Easter egg hunt is so much fun.

My chocolate may be your pie, or ice-cream, or cheesecake. The medium can change, the meaning remains.

Start filling your basket with all the chocolate you can find.  Just the act of starting to look means you are getting warmer.  And if you look around and realise that you are ‘burning hot’, get a bigger basket, then share it with your friends.

What is your chocolate?  Where did you find it?

photo credit: http://photopin.com

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