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9 Life Lessons I Learned From My Dad

I remember my Dad teaching me how to dive.medium_4784719807

He would stand in the pool while I stood on the side, toes wrapped over the edge.

He would hold out his arm at the height of my thighs and say, “Just lean over my arm and fall in.”

I would stand there, arms straight up over my head, hands clasped tightly, knees knocked together and slightly bent, toes gripping tightly to the side and I would lean over and take deep breath after deep breath, almost hyperventilating, staring into the depths below.

I’d lean over a bit further, gasp some more then straighten up and say, “I can’t.”

He’d reassure me and I’d go through the whole process again, and again, and again, until one day I tipped so far forward that I fell in.

Not only did I survive, I discovered it was fun!  So I scrambled back out, anxious to do it over and over.

I’ve come to see that this was not a one-time occurrence.  This is my pattern.

Whenever I want to try something new, I read about it, observe others, watch videos, dream about it, discuss it, take deep breaths, take classes, read some more, dip my toe in, quickly pull it back, take more deep breaths, repeat all of the above (more than once) then finally gain the courage to dive in head first.

And I have never been sorry.

9 Life Lessons I Learned From My Dad

  1. No matter how many deep breaths you take before you jump, it’s the last breath that keeps you from drowning.  So stop hyperventilating, take one really big breath and dive in.
  2. If you lack the courage, prepare as best you can then lean far enough forward so that your momentum will take you the final step.
  3. Avoid shallow water, that’s for waders, not serious divers.
  4. You will survive (provided you’ve applied step #3).
  5. It will get easier each time you do it.
  6. This is a mental sport and you are your only opponent.
  7. Soon you will want to try from a new height, until that becomes easy.
  8. You will be glad you did it.
  9. You will wonder why you were ever afraid.

Thanks Dad!

Share below when you struggled with the courage to try something and how it turned out. 

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It’s Spring! It’s Spring!

If you are like me, you go through winter with your head down trudging through small_6788912089the bitter short days wishing for the snow to melt, longing to catch your first glimpse of spring growth – snowdrops and crocus pushing through the frozen ground – finally to be awoken one morning by a sound, both familiar and not.

Is it the Cardinal that resides in the cedar hedges year round?

It could be, or is it?

Emerging from your slumber, you hear it again. You know the call but when did you hear it last? You pause for one more reminder.

It calls again.

Your memory clears. Could it be?

You rush to the window to search for the source.

He sings, it seems just for you and you spot him – your first Robin of the season!

Excitement and relief are one as you exhale and welcome the coming of Spring; not by the date on the calendar but by nature’s on-going rhythm.

Spring has arrived once again with its promise of warmer days, longer afternoons, light rains, and spring blossoms.

Announcing its arrival are the migratory birds’ sweet songs.  Each distinctive by species but all with the same message:

“It’s Spring! It’s Spring! I’ve arrived to spend the summer with you!”

But there is nothing like the sound of a Robin: The Heralder of Spring.

As spring turns to summer, the Robin’s cheery song weaves its way into your day small_4325617159and uplifts your spirit almost un-noticed.  From first morning light when they gently draw you from your dreams to dusk when they are settling in for the night, they provide a soothing melody accompanied by the crescendo of rustling leaves on a breeze.

Some birds have squawks that immediately draw your attention, and being awakened by one can set your day off with annoyance.  Others, in a panicked scream for aid, call attention to an unwanted visitor to the yard.

But there is something about the Robin that I have always found soothing and special.

Perhaps it is because they are a seasonal inhabitant to my neck-of-the-woods.  As one of the first migratory visitors, they signify an end to long cold dark days with the promise of Spring’s inevitable arrival.

Soon the buds will appear on branches, the first shoots will push through the barren soil and life will replace the slumbering landscape.

They are a welcome friend whose absence I don’t realize I have missed until once more I hear its song.

I am both envious and sorrowful for those who experience the Robin as a year-round resident: envious of the daily pleasure of its sweet aria yet sorrowful that without its absence perhaps it is under-appreciated.

The excitement I feel each Spring is innate and childlike.  I am anxious to watch for all the ‘firsts’ – the first lady bug, the first bumble bee, the worms that emerge with the rains.

My family each marks a day on the calendar when we guess the first hummingbird will come to our feeder. We anxiously await his arrival and record it boldly when he does.

But it is the spotting of the first Robin, whether by the sight of its destinctive red breast or the recollection of its cheery chirp,  that truly signals Spring’s arrival.

Open the window to your world and listen for the sounds that you perhaps take for granted – the wind, the rain, the laughter of young children…

Appreciate the feelings of joy as their songs add to the soundtrack of your life.

Share below the sounds that enhance your life’s soundtrack.

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3 Ways To Reach Your Highest Goals!

medium_6156635313-1I’ve never been much for setting ‘official’ goals.  Sure, I’d like to lose 20 pounds, make lots of money and travel to exotic locales but I’ve never put a good solid plan in place to make them a reality.

I sporadically try this or that and can make goals last for a while.  I get all hyped-up and talk a good talk but I almost always let things gradually die out; a slow fizzle.

This is why, truthfully, I’ve never been one for making New Year’s Resolutions.  Why bother?  

Sometimes things I intend to accomplish never even get off the ground.

Why is that?

Does it happen to you too?

I’ve been learning a lot over the past year.  I’ve been studying different methods to become successful.  I’ve been reading and attending ‘no-fail’ webinars for tips and inspiration.  And the one common message is:

You Have To Set Goals.  


In order to achieve > the weight loss > the higher income > the dream vacation > you have to do something focussed and concrete to set you on the path to your desire.

You Have To Plan The Steps.


Ok, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  So here are the questions I asked myself…

What do you REALLY want?

Why do you really want it?

How will you feel when you get it?

What difference will it make in your life when you achieve it?

Once you have the answer to those questions, then the real work begins.

Here is the ultimate, time-honoured, tested & proven-by-successful-people question to ask yourself now:

What steps do you need to take to get there?

Method #1

One method I learned about is the SMART method.

  • Specific – How exactly will you do it? Ask: Who, What, When, Where & Why questions.
  • Measurable – How will you know if you get there? How many pounds/wk, clients/month?
  • Attainable – Be practical and prioritize.
  • Realistic – Consider your available time and skills. Can you make adjustments to allow for success?
  • Time-bound – Break it down into manageable pieces: daily/weekly/monthly/annually

The SMART format discusses looking at all areas of your life:

  • Personal
  • Spiritual
  • Family
  • Mental/Education
  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Work
  • Social

Do each of the SMART goals for each area.

Prioritize and Begin

Baby steps can gain ground quickly and allow for multiple celebrations along the way, keeping you inspired.  They also allow you to make adjustments to areas that aren’t working as well as you thought they would, leading to further and faster success!

Method #2

Another method that can kick-start achievement is a 30-Day Challenge.  For 30 days, challenge yourself to do just one goal.  For me it was daily yoga and forgoing bread. (How do you think I fared? Find out here and here)

30-Day Challenges can be a great way to begin a habit, knock something off your bucket list, or cross something off the “I’ll Get To It One Day” list.

Method #3 

The Secret, The Law of Attraction, Faith in the Universe, whatever you want to call it, I believe it works.

You project your positive affirmations to the universe and if they are heartfelt and sincere, they will somehow present themselves to you; but that’s not all there is to it.

You can’t stop there!

Just wishing and hoping that something will happen is not enough.  You have to take steps toward making it happen.

You can’t just say “I want my dream job” then sit on the couch flicking channels.  You have to job hunt, improve your education, network, do what it takes to get there: see Method #1.

And if you are open to the signs, things will begin to present themselves to you in perhaps unexpected ways.  You may not get the ultimate dream job right away but could this job be a step toward that dream? How can you make it happen?

Tip: Be specific!

The old adage “Be careful what you wish for” applies heavily with this method.

Another one: “Like Breeds Like” is especially true here so BE POSITIVE! If  you say “I want to live in Paris and own a patisserie” but in the back of your mind you are saying “Ya, right. Like that will ever happen!”, well guess what will actually happen?

Have I tried any of these methods?

Yup.  I challenged myself to set a New Year’s Resolution: to begin making sincere heartfelt, SMART goals. And I have been working hard to set the wheels in motion.

Does any of this stuff actually work?

You bet your sweet patootie it does!

I’m always amazed at how Method #3 presents itself. (I’ve actually been doing this method for a long time with simple things like “When I get to the store there will be a parking spot right out front” – it sounds silly but you’d be surprised how often that one works!)

For instance, last month I projected that I would get two new writing clients and Tada!; the second one arrived on the afternoon of the last day of the month! But neither of those clients would have appeared if I hadn’t deployed Method #1.

And we’ve all had the experience of thinking of someone and then they call or you run into them the next day.

Sometimes goals or events attained by method #3 are only apparent in hindsight and sometimes they’re standing right in front of you waiting for you to shake their hand.

As for Method #2: it’s the beginning of a new month; the perfect time to begin a 30-Day Challenge.  For me, another 30 days of SMART goals and positive affirmations.

The bottom line: Whatever your goal is…

Own It!

Believe In It! 

Proclaim It! 

Plan It!

ACT On It! 

Celebrate the Milestones!


Do you set goals?  What method do you use and does it work?

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What does “Peace” mean to you?

I believe in the power of positive thinking.  The Secret.  The Law of Attraction. Whatever you want to call it; what you put out to the universe comes back.

“What you think, you become.” Buddha.

Your thoughts; positive or negative, good or bad, productive or un, give things the power to come to fruition in your life.

That is why I read with great interest a recent post about another blogger’s initiative, a rally call really, for like-minded bloggers to join together and blog for a cause.


Bloggers For Peace.  


My mind began to wander.

What would happen if many people began to shift their thoughts for this one cause?



There is proof that our hearts emit electro-magnetic waves that can join and be felt around the globe.

Imagine the effect of thousands of people writing about peace and thousands more reading about peace, daily.

Discussions, comments and sharing take place and our electro-magnet waves begin to unite.

This was a movement for which I wanted to be a part.

But I needed to noodle on it for a bit.  What would be my role?  What could I throw in to contribute to the ripple?

So I asked:

What does “Peace” mean to me?

For some, peace means an end to war – in their country, in their streets, in their homes.

For some, peace means freedom from restrictions – slavery, religious persecution, child labour, oppression.

For some, peace means not having to worry about whether their children will eat each day.

Peace is all of those things and more.

What also came to mind was that
peace, if achieved, cannot last without environmental protection.

How long can we survive at the rate of environmental decline currently in existence today – with or without peace?

Therefore, for my contribution to Bloggers For Peace, I have chosen this month to highlight a problem for which we can all contribute toward the solution (since we’ve likely unknowingly contributed to the problem).

The North Pacific Tropical Gyre, a.k.a. The Garbage Patch

Watch, Learn, Absorb, then adopt

 The New 3-R’s: Rethink, Refuse, Reconsider

and the 4th ‘R’


According to the National Geographic link below, “Because the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is so far from any country’s coastline, no nation will take responsibility or provide the funding to clean it up.”

Find out more about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch:

More about Bloggers For Peace:
Another Blogger for Peace:

video credit:

Below, share your reaction to this video.
And share what ‘Peace’ means to you.

What’s Your Word?

If you read the book or watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love, you know what I mean when I ask “What’s your word?”

During her year of self discovery, while at dinner with friends in Italy one evening, Elizabeth Gilbert’s friend Giulio describes his concept “…that every city has a single word that defines it…”  Between them, they assign various cities with what they feel are the appropriate word: Rome=Sex; New York City=Achieve; Los Angeles=Succeed; Stolkhom=Conform.

Then thoughts turn personal. “What’s your word?”small_4757004

Tossing around words such as Seek, Hide, Pleasure, Devotion, Ms. Gilbert remained unsatisfied, deciding to include the search for ‘her word’ in her year of reflection.

I won’t spoil it for those who have not read the book or watched the film, allowing you to journey with her as life events reveal her word.

But one thing I can tell you is that ANYONE who has experienced Eat, Pray, Love has asked themselves this very question.

“What is my word?”

“What single word defines me?”

I believe that this word can only come from within.

Sure others can give you suggestions for what their word for you would be, and if you are unsure of your word, you may try it on for size and wear it around for a while, but for the word to fit you properly, for it to be tailored to you specifically, for it to ring true and deep, the word must come from you.

I also believe that our words can, and likely will, change as our lives evolve.

How could our word stay the same if our outlooks are expanding?

Take a moment and think about what your word is.

What word sits right with you at this particular moment?  It doesn’t have to be the word you keep.  It may just be a starting point.

My word is something I have thought about often since I read the book a few years ago.  It took me a while to settle on the word that felt just right.  Maybe my “Waking Lyric Observance” aided in my choice.  But once I found it, I knew it was the one.

Over the years, I have often checked back in with my choice to see if it still fit. And for quite a while it did, but recently I’ve been feeling it’s straps slipping off my shoulders.

Was I beginning to outgrow that word?

If so, what would my new word be?

I didn’t need to search very long.  My new word kept presenting itself to me.

I first noticed it in a book I was reading.  It immediately struck a chord but was it the right one?  I paused and considered but didn’t want to settle on it without more reflection.

The next day, I saw it online.  The next in a magazine.  For days, and sometimes multiple times in a day, it kept revealing itself to me and each time, it felt right.  It was just my size.

So for today at least, in the space I am in right now, the answer to the question “What’s my word?”:


What’s your word?
Slip it on, see how it feels, own it, then share it below.

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How To Keep Your Glass Half-Full

Do you know people who consistently poo-poo any new idea – especially yours? small__5458325252Without even taking the time to consider the nuances, the intricacies, and the brilliance of the thing, they say ‘no’ before the words are barely out of your mouth. Whatever you say, they disagree. You are wrong and they are right.

I know a few people like this.  I call them ‘energy suckers’. No matter how pumped you are, they come along with their energy-zapping vacuum and point it in your direction. They’ll cut down every point you make. Stomp on your enthusiasm. Squash your high until it’s as flat as a pancake; the school-yard bully to your Pollyanna.

Well guess what? You are right (likely – I don’t know what your idea is. If it’s jumping off a cliff without a parachute then I’m pretty sure, in this instance, you are likely wrong).

What I mean is, if you are coming up with ideas: ideas that light you up; ideas that get your creative juices flowing; spontaneous take-life-by-the-wazoo-and-enjoy-it ideas then you are right and they are wrong.

So how do you stay positive against such pessimism? 

This is a difficult question to answer and an even harder one to deploy. In my case, I have learned a few coping skills – long to come by, trial and error methods that seem to work, most of the time.

Method #1

First there’s the SIIYE method, short for ‘Stick-It-In-Your-Ear’. This took some learning, especially difficult for me since I am a do-what-I’m-told-don’t-make-waves kind of person so standing up for my point of view sometimes goes against the grain. This method works most easily if you are sure of yourself and know your idea is going to work. For me though, it’s a silent, to myself ‘Stick It’ to the perpetrator and I go ahead with my plans, without their blessing.  And when it works out, as it often does, proving them wrong is very sweet revenge – an imaginary highest-of-fives.

Method #2

Next there’s the ‘What’s That? I Didn’t Hear You?’ method. Again, be sure of yourself so you don’t get swayed.  Energy suckers sense unsure-ity. With this method, you have to be able to block out what they just said and pretend it never happened but the next step is crucial; you must self-talk yourself back to the top of the pyramid where you felt strong before you shared your thoughts, or quickly find a comrade to boost your moral. Timing is everything here. The quicker the better or their blabber will start to infiltrate your plan and knock you off your feet.

Method #3

Then we have the ‘Misery Loves Company’ method. This is when the dastardly deed-doer has succeeded in doing his dastardly deed and has sucked all the helium out of your balloon. This is where chocolate (lots of it) and a good friend with a sympathetic ear (you may need more than one of these) comes into play. You also need lots and lots of angel-on-your-shoulder self talk to get you back on track. This is vital since the devil on the other shoulder is smirking right about now. You have now been toppled from the tip of your peak and the climb back up seems steeper this time. But take heart, you will reach the summit again – stronger and wiser.

Method #4

Finally we have the ‘What’s Your Problem?’ method.  And this I mean sincerely. Sometimes it helps to try to understand why the person has thrown manure on you. What is happening with them that makes them so negative? Most often, they are jealous of your spirit, your ingenuity, your energy. They are envious of your position, and more importantly, disappointed with their own.  Once you meet them where they are, you may see it’s not about you at all thus allowing you the courage to follow through.  And on your way up to the top, throw some encouragement their way – their glass needs topping up.

Raise Your Shields

Once you’ve made your decision to embark on your own – without their help and assistance – mind your step. They may stick their foot out to trip you now and again. And should you start to crash, securely fasten your oxygen mask by activating the methods above. Learning to raise your shields will break their suction.

If you are sure of your destination, how you get there doesn’t much matter – as long as it’s honest – and

when you arrive is the precise moment you were meant to.

Share how you’ve gone against the cynics in your life and flourished in spite of them. 

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5 Non-Verbal Messages You May Be Sending – Everyday

small__795619869From the moment you rise, the day’s conversations begin:

“Will you be able to drive the kids to soccer tonight?”

“Have you got your homework?”

“Where did you last see it?”

“Have a great day.”

“The report is on my desk.”

“How can I help you?”

“Did you hear the latest?”

…and the conversations continue until bedtime only to begin again with the morning’s alarm.

Our daily lives are filled with questions and answers, statements and recounts, but have you considered what else you are saying?

Have you ever:

  • shushed someone who has entered the room anxious to speak to you but you’re watching television so you signal them to sit then only respond to them during a commercial?
  • told your kids you’re too busy to read to them or play a game or help with their homework when you’re checking your emails and reading the latest jokes being passed around?
  • rushed in front of someone, swung open the door and passed through it quickly, allowing the door to swing closed behind you?
  • rolled your eyes at someone else’s comments?
  • carried on a text conversation with someone when you are out for dinner with someone else?

…and the list does not stop here.  It could continue for pages.

We all likely do these things from time to time – I know I have, and on more than one occasion I am not proud to admit (although I try only to do the last one for child-related reasons).

What we aren’t conscious of in these moments of seemingly insignificant, non-verbal interactions, is the effect we are having on the recipient.  We are saying to them:

You Are Not Important To Me.  

Through grimaces, snorts, smirks, body postures, dropping eye-contact, turning our heads, turning our backs, walking away, we make thousands of non-verbal gestures every day.

Of course not all non-verbal messages are negative.  Smiles, winks, glimmers in your eyes, hugs, kissed, and laughter, to name a few, are all positive loving indications that the person is important.

The ratio of negative to positive is what needs to be considered.

Only by becoming mindful of these non-verbal ‘conversations’ and their impact on others, especially those we hold most dear, will we have the greatest chance for meaningful positive impacts on our future interactions, building toward strong positive relationships.    

What non-verbal messages have you sent or received?

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What Would ____ Do?

small__4682381011Sitting at your computer, you plot out your perfect dream job.

You’ve researched the education required to get the job; you qualify. Check!

You’ve scouted out the perfect type of clients or employers. Check!

You’ve nailed down the location you most desire to work. Check!

You know your competition and how you can outshine them. Check!

You’ve created a website, online profile, business cards. Check!

What’s next?

…oh ya, actually getting the job or the client to hire you. 
This is the tough part.

Do you have the self-confidence to pull this off?

Do you have the guts to pick up the phone?

This is a particularly difficult task if you are changing careers.  You know you can do this wonderful life-affirming career but how do you convince others that you can do it? Unfortunately I don’t have the magic answer to this other than to say if you know it’s right, you can make it happen – with a lot of really hard work.

However, one thing that I have found helpful in times of self-doubt is to imagine I am someone else; a person of inspiration.  Someone whom I admire for their courage and confidence.  Someone who has climbed to the top one step at a time, beginning from the bottom-most rung, and I ask myself:

‘What would ___ (Oprah, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson) do?’

You may not even need to enter the celebrity realm.
What would your best friend and successful entrepreneur, Steve do?
What would your annoyingly-perfect-because-she’s-successful-and-you’re-not sister do?

Think about what it took for them to reach their pinnacle.

Where did they start and what steps did they take to get there?

If you don’t know, ask them.

Ask them how they handled rejection (‘cause you know that’s coming).

Ask them the most important thing they learned when they were starting out.

They will likely be flattered and may offer to mentor you, giving you a boost up those seemingly very steep first steps.

What have you got to lose?
…only your dream job.


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Do You Want To Be Famous?

What do Kim Kardashian, Tom Cruise, and Mother Teresa have in common?


They are all famous.

But famous for what?  What classifies someone as famous?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘famous’ is defined as: “known about by many people” while ‘fame’ is defined as: “the condition of being known or talked about by many people, esp. on account of notable achievements”.

Let’s start with Kim Kardashian.  What in the h-e-double-toothpicks is so special about her?  Where did she come from and how in the heck did she get to be so known about by many people?  What has she contributed to society? What are her notable achievements?

Tom Cruise – this one is a bit easier.  Jockey-shorts-dancing ’80’s teen heart-throb turned action-star turned couch-jumper turned questionable. He certainly mastered the talked about by many people portion of fame and now with his current situation the conversation continues.

Mother Teresa would appear to epitomize the Oxford definitions of both ‘famous’ and ‘fame’.  Her name known by all, both pre and posthumously, she embodied goodness and faith in humanity. Her notable achievements are innumerable.  Her effect on society continues beyond her life. A legacy of hope, love, compassion and fortitude.

So, the next time someone asks: Do you want to be famous? Before answering, define what fame means to you.

For me, if famous means that I have attained my fame based on achievements that leave a legacy for the benefit of mankind; that I have contributed to society in a positive and lasting way; and that I am known about by many people because of those acts, then the answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’.

Do you want to be famous? What does fame mean for you?
Share below.

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How To Tune Into Your Sub-Conscious


I wonder what percentage of people have a song in their head – ALWAYS.

I’m not talking about an ‘earworm’; a catchy popular song or jingle that is over-played on the radio and works it’s way into your head and repeats for the day.  I’m talking about a line or a lyric of any song, from any era, at any moment of any day, that is playing often on a loop – a seemingly endless loop.  Sometimes the same song will play for days.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

Are you one of those people?

I am.  I don’t know when it started but I noted it in my teens.

For me, if there is a song on the radio, that becomes the song in my head but once the radio is off, my internal frequency picks up its own signal and the beat goes on.  Perhaps this is why I don’t often turn on the radio, throw on a CD or plug in my iPod while I’m alone in the house.  There is no need for external music when the internal juke box is playing my song.

Once, while on a camping trip deep within protected wilderness grounds, I suddenly noticed an absence of internal tunes.  I literally stopped what I was doing, aware of the foreign silence.  The next day as we drove toward the park’s boundary, the music returned.  It was both welcome and not.

I’ve often wondered why that happened or why myself and others, yet not everyone, have this ability or anomaly.

Are we some sort of radio receivers? 

When I approach a radio, often the signal will go off frequency and return once I move away.  I joke that it is my animal magnetism that is causing the fluctuation but I wonder if I am emitting an electro-magnetic field from all the gunk I’ve absorbed from the state of the environment we live in today.

At one time I was seeing a naturopath and I mentioned to her of my constant sonatas and she responded very sincerely that I should pay close attention to this internal music for it is a porthole to my subconscious – particularly upon waking.

Each morning that I awoke unassisted by the radio, including if I were to awake in the middle of the night, I was to note what song, and particularly which line or lyric was playing in my head.  This would be a window to my soul.  An indication of what my true thoughts and feelings were given whatever was happening in my life at the time.

This has become a habit and has proved most insightful.

I don’t remember many of my dreams and dream interpretation, although very interesting, is in my opinion very subjective. For instance, if I dream about swimming, could that simply mean I like swimming, or could it mean something deep like I am infantile and am swimming in the womb, or could it mean that I am feeling like I am drowning and am trying to get a way from some stress in my life?

But paying attention to the line or lyric that is playing in my head upon waking has at times surprised me, often confirming a far off feeling, and has provided ah-ha moments like no dream interpretation ever has.

So perhaps it has nothing to do with radio reception and I can stop worrying that an alien civilization will one day make contact through me via their inter-stellar FM station.

Perhaps it means that I am so out of sync with my true feeling that I have these constant messages trying to get me to pay attention and perhaps those few days in the park, where I was relaxed and at peace, there was no need for a skipping record to play the same line over and over telling me how I was feeling because I was taking a break from the daily grind and was actually letting feelings filter in.

Or perhaps it means that I am so in tune (no pun intended) with my subconscious that I am in constant sync with it.  A highly involved individual – prime for alien connection.

Regardless of my evolutionary state, Waking Lyric Observance (my phrase) has helped me note the negatives in my life and therefore aided me in being able to confront them allowing positivity to shine through.

And after all, having a constant melody to accompany your daily tasks is like living in a movie – my own personal soundtrack – and that’s pretty positive, for the most part.

If you are like me, pay attention to the lyrics that repeat in your head.  It may bring a whole new meaning to waking up!

Bring on the music and dance! The aliens are waiting.

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