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Welcome!  This is where I share products or services I come across that I think are beneficial, helpful or just down-right positive.

All Pollyanna approved!

Keep checking back.  This list will continue to grow.


Girl Blogger Next Door

Got a blog?  You need Michelle!

Run to her website and grab all sorts of great free info for increasing the traffic to your blog and even how to monetize it!

It is mind-blowing how much info she is sharing on her site.

I know Michelle personally, and I KNOW she’s great!  You’re gonna love her!

Enough said. What are you waiting for? …oh ya, read the stuff below first! ♥




 The Freelance Writers Den

If you are a writer, this is your Mecca.

Carol Tice offers highly sought-after classes, boot-camps, weekly guest interviews with field experts, critiques, hours of recorded information, and so much more.

All for a very affordable monthly membership fee with no lengthy commitment. Join when you can, leave when you want – but I’ll bet you’ll want to stay!

Talk about Return on Investment!

Click on the link below to get on the waiting list.
Carol opens the Den to new members only a few times a year and you must be on the waiting list to enter.

Believe me, you don’t want to miss your chance. I’ve benefitted immensely from Carol’s expertise and classes.

Add your name to the waiting list so you don’t miss notifications of courses she offers to non-den members.

And if you’re on the list, you will get advance notice of when the doors to the Den will open next. 





Therese Skelly 

Do you have a business? Therese Skelly will (not ‘can’, ‘will’) help you take your business to new heights.

Therese teaches you how to break through the mindset traps that are keeping you and your business at a stand-still. 

Somewhere, something is stopping you from reaching your full potential and ultimate goal for your business but you can’t figure it out.

And it’s frustrating the begeebers out of you!

Enter Therese!

She’ll take you through focused exercises that quickly get to the root of the matter.  Then she’ll guide you as you build your business to what you have always envisioned…and beyond.

Check out Therese’s site here.  Trust me, you won’t be sorry.



zazzle logo


Zazzle is an ultra-cool site!

You can customize all sorts of stock designs
& have them printed onto their vast array of products.

Create and personalize just about anything!

Business Cards – T-Shirts – Mugs – iPhone cases –
Posters – Home Decor – Even Skateboards! & More

If you’re an artist, upload your design and start collecting royalties.

Creativity meets Productivity
& Endless Possibilities, my FAVOURITE word!

Click one of the logos & Prepare to be WOW-ed.

Zazzle banner




Danielle Laporte oozes desire.

Creator of The Desire Map: A Guide To Creating Goals With Soul,
author of The Fire Starter Sessions and
Co-creator of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan,

Danielle teaches and shares how to live your life with passion and purpose
by uncovering your Core Desired Feelings.

I know once I figured out my CDF’s, it made ALL the difference!

Check out her site for daily inspirations plus some cool products that will keep you on track to reaching and achieving a fulfilling life.

(Psst, her products make great gifts too!
My fave is the Truth Bomb Deck shown below.)




I don’t know about you, but I think the health of our environment is pretty darn important and that’s why I try to do my best and purchase organic and pesticide-free products.

That’s why I’m including Organic Lifestyle to my list of loves to share. I’m happy to promote a company whose philosophy is to carry products that are known to be organic, use low-impact dyes, reduce indoor pollution (ie: voc’s), help you to reduce your environmental footprint, and locally sourced when possible. And they carry this philosophy through to their retail locations and shipping materials.

On their online site, you’ll find products for every room in your home and every person in your family.  With their price-match policy, you will enjoy no-worry Healthy shopping!

“Organic Lifestyle…is where Luxury and Healthy lifestyle meet.”



Loans That Change Lives

I came across Kiva’s site a few years ago and was so impressed by how they are working to empower entrepreneurs in 85 countries through micro-finance loans. You are able to donate directly toward a person or group of your choosing, and your donation, small or large, is combined with other donor’s to meet the recipient’s loan request. The recipient gradually pays back the loan and you eventually get your money back. Keep it or pay it forward. Sounds good to me! That’s why I feel good about supporting this cause. Check it out for yourself at


Scoliosis Quarterly
A print magazine for all things Scoliosis

This quarterly publication is “covering scoliosis from every twist, curve and angle.”

If you, or someone you love has scoliosis then this is the magazine for you.  This quarterly publication will cover everything “from medical to non-medical treatments, news, personal stories, fitness and exercise, imagery, history, contemporary trends and practices, medical innovations, and more.”

“… a valuable resource for anyone dealing with, curious about, working on or advocating for scoliosis.”

Click here for more details.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a contributing writer.  And I’m so excited to be a part of this ground-breaking publication!
p.s. This is NOT an affiliate site, just sharing positive info for people who may need it.


Coursera: Free Online University Courses

Love learning but work full-time?

Want to expand your knowledge to impress the boss?

Have an interest in a topic but can’t afford the university tuition, even for one class?

Then Coursera is for you.  And me!

Coursera offers hundreds of courses taught by professors from top universities around the world.  And guess what?  They are all free! FREE! Can you believe it?

As long as you have access to a computer, and if you are reading this, I guess you do, then you can take a Coursera course – or two, or three.

All courses are online so you can sign on and work when you have time.  Plus you can join in on discussion groups with peers from around the globe.  What fun!

For more info and upcoming courses, visit



Some of the recommendations above may be affiliate sites, where admittedly I make a small commission if you purchase through the link on my page – but please note, there is no up-pricing or extra cost to you – I wouldn’t do that.  The commission is just a small thank you gift from the owner for sharing their love with my group of like-minded folks.   Regardless of commission or not, rest assured that it would not appear here if I didn’t believe in it or use it myself with great satisfaction. ♥

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