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My New Boyfriends – yup, that’s plural…

4854024021_246f0153ecI LOVE these guys. Each of them. What can I say?

Each of them (there are three, sometimes four) are

…and they could be my sons.

What I love most about each is their ambition to shine a light on social problems and their ability to do it with compassion. 

But they don’t just go and interview folks to get a broad picture of their situation.

They put themselves in the shoes (or lack thereof) of their subjects.

They LIVE alongside them in order to fully understand their lives. 

And they film their journey so we too can understand.

Oh, and they are some of the best documentary filmmakers on the planet today. (In my opinion.) But I’m not alone. They have, and are, winning major awards for their work. 

But do they stop there? No.

They ask, “What Can I Do?” …then do it.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I urge you to watch their first film Living On One Dollar. Here’s the trailer:

Find out what you can do to help them help others. Visit their website.

Find out about their latest film, Salam Neighbor, on their website, or here

(Btw, I am not affiliated in any way with my “boyfriends”. In fact, it’s unlikely they know I exist. (Sniff) But I felt compelled to share their message with you, ’cause if you’re reading this, you’re likely like me and wanted to know about it. ~ You’re welcome!)

Warning: after you watch their film, you’ll want them as boyfriends too. 
Psssttt, you can watch it on Netflix or iTunes – just sayin’

Have you seen this film? What did you think?

Thanks to Taki Steve for the heart pic!