Positive Ponderings: One Action

*  *  *
If you could do one thing TODAY
to bring a SMILE to someone’s face,

*  *  *

What Would You DO?

*  *  *

October 30-Day Challenge – Day 1

When I picture my ideal self, I picture someone healthy and strong.  I am not that way right now – fairly healthy, could be more so; barely strong, can’t get much less.  So, for my 30-day challenge, I am challenging myself to do yoga every day, beginning TODAY. I have tried this before, many times, without success but this time, I am going to be accountable to you. I will update you periodically on my progress (and pretend that you care).

Did you think of a challenge for yourself? I would love you to share it below and share your progress too.  And I assure you, I do care. 

Oooo! I’m excited! 30-day challenges; this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Find out more about the 30-Day Challenge. Click here

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