Do You See What I See?

medium_3111246691Scenario 1:

The lists, the lines, the crowds, the decorating, the baking, the crowds, the music, the noise, the hustle, the bustle, the crowds, the shopping, shopping, shopping….

Scenario 2: 

The baking, the decorating, the music, the parades, the laughter, the stories, the man in red, the excitement, the build-up, the joy, the memories. 

Which scenario do you prefer?

I know, some of you are saying that you can’t have scenario 2 without putting up with at least some of scenario 1.  And I agree, but it’s a matter of perspective.  In order to obtain, value, treasure, in fact, even notice scenario 2, you need to be aware of it.

Some people get so caught up in the first scenario. They stress about every detail and then realize that they didn’t enjoy the festivities.

Keep the children in your lives in mind as you prep for the holidays. Who are you going through all these motions for anyway?

Be mindful of your mood when children are present. 

Be mindful of the traditions you want to build with them, and make sure you make time to do them, with them. 

Be mindful of their enthusiasm and don’t dismiss them because “you aren’t feeling up to dealing with that right now”.

Get down on the floor with them as they sit and look up at the tree and admire all the ornaments. 

Get out their favourite holiday books and read them over and over again. 

Get out your grandmother’s cookie recipe and let them help you mix, cut and decorate the cookies no matter how much of a mess it makes. 

And maybe most importantly, get a good night’s sleep, each night, so you have the patience and stamina to see what they see because
before long, they won’t see it quite the same way and you’ll have missed it entirely.  

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