It’s A New Year, Baby!

medium_80224400With Father Time safely retired, it’s time for Baby New Year to make sure his diaper is securely fastened, adjust his sash, and get to work.  He has a lot to accomplish in only 365 days.

The beauty of having a baby as a symbol for the New Year is that he (or she) reminds us that before we can run, we must first learn to crawl and then to walk.

He also symbolizes a beginning.  We all have to start somewhere.  No matter what changes you hope to make this year, what goals you have laid out for yourself, you have to start somewhere.  And that somewhere is exactly where you are.

There is no use wishing things were different; that you had a different job, a different house, a different relationship.  You have what you have.  If you want something different, you have to look at where you are then assess where you want to be, then plan the steps needed to get there.

Just like Baby New Year, begin by crawling.  Go slowly and methodically as you plot your course and gradually pull yourself up until you are ready to take your first steps.

Before you know it, you’ll be chasing the other babies down the street – or maybe you will take the lead and they will follow.

There is a beauty in newness.  There is an unknown.  No history.  No mistakes.  Only unrealized opportunity.

What did you learn or accomplish in 2012?  The lessons were likely many.  It’s time to assess the past and set your sights on the future.

Today is the start of a brand new year.  Imagine what you will do in 2013!

You’ll go a long way, Baby!

Share one of your goals for 2013.

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