Blog Of The Year 2012!

Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpegImagine my surprise as I opened my notifications a few days ago to find that two wonderful and inspiring fellow bloggers,  Metaphorical Marathons and Women Making Strides, had selected my blog as their choice for a “Blog of the Year 2012” award!

WOW! I have only been blogging for four months so for anyone, let alone two people, to find my blog worthy of such an honour is astounding!  I am very appreciative and thankful.  This award means a lot to me.

According to the author of Women Making Strides, here are the rules governing the award.  In her Metaphorical Marathons blog, the author poses questions for her pay-it-forward award winners to answer.

So here goes; her questions, my answers:

What do you most like about yourself?

I like that, for most of the time anyway, I keep looking forward to the possibilities that lay ahead instead of dwelling on past failures.  I look at failures as learning experiences from which to grow.

What makes you giddy with excitement?

If my kids have been away for a while, I get giddy with excitement as I’m driving to meet them.  They are the bright stars in my life.

What’s your favourite place or part of nature, and why?

Walking a trail in a forest on a clear crisp Fall day.  Everything smells so fresh.  The birds are singing, the squirrels are scurrying up and down trees, and the leaves beneath my feet are crunching as others drift slowly to the forest floor creating a beautiful carpet of oranges, rusts, reds and yellows.  It’s both peaceful and rejuvenating.

What is the one thing you really want to learn how to do?

I would really love to learn how to take professional quality photographs.

If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?

I would be myself at about age twenty and I would convince myself to take the trip to Europe that I had considered but never took.

Here are my choices for the Blog of the Year 2012 award:

The inspiring Life Out of the Box:

The stunning photographs of Patrick Latter

The thought-provoking I Heart Change:

My questions for you:
Who inspires you most?
What would like to be known for?
Name one challenge you have overcome and from which you have grown.
Name one place you have never been but would like to go.

Congratulations and keep blogging positivity!

2 responses to “Blog Of The Year 2012!

  1. Congratulations! Your blog deserves this and more that will come. Alberto.