A Canadian’s Ode to February

Despite the layers of clothing worn –DSC02666
Long johns, scarves and mitts,

Despite the rosy flesh and ears
From wintry wind’s harsh kiss,

Despite the mounds of roadside dirt
Where encrusted snow is knotted, 

Despite each pole, the base of which,
Is brightly yellow dotted,

Despite the rising plumes of white
From frosty-face and sewer-bars,

Despite the clear blue skies above
with wind-chills straight from Mars,

February plays its part, 
For each month has its story.

Canadians embrace them all,
And cherish each one’s glory.

Regardless of the cold alerts, 
And broken water mains,

We’ll fish and skate and drive our cars, 
With tires wrapped in chains.

“It’s merely winter in Canada”
We boast with pride and shout.

When really what we’re thinking is,
“Ten more days, then Feb. Get the F’n Hell Out!


Photo credit: Carolin Grandin, all rights reserved

4 responses to “A Canadian’s Ode to February

  1. Nicely done! It resonates well with me 🙂

  2. Your poetic side sure captures our winter side. I am embracing our Canadian snow globe…Shake up those frosty flakes! Exhale and watch our breath lift into the crisp, clear air. And trust in our furry Wiarton friend!

    Please share more of your poetic Canadian observations! I love reading about our beautiful city from your unique perspective!

    • Thank you for your poetic response. I’m happy you are embracing winter. As much as I enjoy each season and am happy to call Canada home, Spring is my favourite season and come mid-February, I am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival and the first Robin’s song. Until then, I will enjoy yet another beautiful blue-skied sunny day, however with a windchill of -30C today, I will admire it from indoors, thankful for each day’s growing hours of light.