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How To Combat The Negative Messages Your Teen Hears

A friend of mine, one who also wrestles with her inner Pollyanna, is one of the best mothers that I know.  Not only is she an inspiration to her children for her strength, courage, caring, compassion and hearing (not just listening, but hearing), she is an inspiration to me.

Recently she shared something with me that I would like to share with you (with her permission of course).

She believes in the power of words and is determined to make the ones that she says to her children (who are now young adults) meaningful and positive.

The words she hopes will be the tapes that play in their heads.

On many mornings, upon entering their bathroom to begin their day, her children are greeted with a positive message written on the mirror with a dry-erase marker:

“You are the sunshine that brightens my day.” 

“I love your laugh.” 

“You make the world a better place.” 

Not only would these message make you feel good but written by the hand of a parent or loved one, the messages would uplift and resonate deep within your heart and soul because they also say:

“You are worthy.” 

“You are valued.” 

And there is no better message than that.

Share the ways you uplift your children.

photo credit: Carolin Grandin, copyright