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I had to share this post from an exceptional photographer and friend in the blogisphere, Tracie Louise.
Tracie has joined the Bloggers for Peace initiative, about which you will soon read more on this site.
Until then, enjoy Tracie’s beautiful message and stunning photographs.

Bright-Side of the Web: What Does Love Look Like To YOU?

From my favourite folks at SoulPancake, I bring you:

What Does Love Look Like To YOU?

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Bright-Side of the Web: How to Regain Your Gratitude

This beautiful video reminds us how to appreciate
all that is around us.

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Bright-Side of the Web: Sue Austin

Proof that we are bound simply by our own limitations. 

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Bright-Side of the Web: Landfill Harmonic

“The world sends us garbage.
We send back music.”
Favio Chavez
Orchestra Director

An inspiring video about very resourceful young musicians.

Below, share your thoughts about this video.

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Bright-Side of the Web: How do 2,000 become 1?

One man.
One vision.
One call.
2,000 responses.
One amazing result.

Eric Whitacre once dreamed of becoming an ’80’s pop star.  Instead he became this:

Watch as he explains his journey from a university student with no formal musical education (he didn’t even know how to read music) to a professional composer and conductor and how he created magic with people he never met.

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Waiting To Exhale

As many of us hold our breath today, a video, in appreciation of our beautiful home.

video credit: YouTube
World Wildlife Fund

Bright-Side of the Web: What Were You Doing At Age 14?

Not a typical 14-year-old boy.  Not typical Western problems.

Not letting a lack of education or a language gap stop him, William Kamkwamba, faced with poverty and famine, searched for a solution and found one.

A 22-year-old William shares his story.  Enjoy.



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Bright-Side of the Web: Skating on Thin Ice

Before I introduce today’s Bright-Side of the Web, if you celebrate Hanukkah, I want to wish you peace and love and a very

Happy Hanukkah!

In today’s Bright-Side, National Geographic photographer, Paul Nicklen, shares his awesome (literally, awesome) photographs and his adventures as a wildlife photographer in the arctic and antarctic.

If you can’t spare the time to watch the entire program, be sure to watch the first five minutes, although I’m sure you will have a hard time pulling yourself away.

Our polar ice is melting and something must be done. Paul Nicklen will show you why.

Share your comments on this video.


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Bright-Side of the Web: Before I Die…

“It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget about what really matters to you.” Candy Chang.

Join Ms. Chang as she describes her experiences turning neglected spaces into constructive ones.  With this particular experiment, Candy says, “Thinking about death clarifies your life.”

As we bring November to a close and step into the time of year where people start planning their resolutions, think about Candy’s message.

How would you answer the question:
Before I die I want to…

30-Day Challenge: Day 30! Yipee!!

Well, how did you do? Did you make it all the way without stumbling?
If you stumbled, did you shake it off and keep going, knowing it was but a mere bump and nothing to make you give up?

I’m proud to say that I stayed away from bread for the entire month.  Not once did I have sandwich bread, bagels, croissants, waffles, english muffins, muffins of any kind or pizza. 

How did I find a month without bread? Ok, not bad, sort of hard, sort of easy.
I never once craved it but it made it more difficult to think of what to eat.  My go-to toast and jam or egg and cheese on an english muffin made me have to reach for something else or modify my standard fare – just eggs with no toast for instance.  

I did, I admit, eat more pasta than I usually do which perhaps was the reason I didn’t crave bread.  I also ate a few crackers.  They weren’t on my list so I felt they were ‘safe’ but I did limit them to much less than I would have had normally.
I had hoped that this challenge would kick-start some weight loss for me but not even a pound was shed (likely thanks to the pasta).

What’s for dinner tomorrow? Likely pizza. I did miss pizza.

Share your experience with your 30-Day Challenge.
Are you planning a 30-Day Challenge for December? What will you do?
And don’t forget to answer ‘Before I die, I want to…’ 

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