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Bright-Side of the Web: The Beauty of Pollination


In keeping with this week’s posts on Simplification and Gratitude, I bring you:

The Beauty of Pollination

This video has been seen over 21 million times. Why?
Because we humans marvel at nature.

Nature can teach us so many things.

Stop  ~  Look  ~  Listen  ~  Absorb  ~  Relish  ~  Learn 

Always amazing, ever breathtaking, be it your first or twenty-first time
and definitely A Bright-Side of the Web:

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Bright-Side of the Web: Soul Pancake

You avid fans may already know about Soul Pancake but they are a new discovery for me and one I am so happy to have found.  I can’t tell you how much time I have spent watching their videos.  They are inspiring!

Soul Pancake is a small group of people who set up interesting, innovative and exciting ways for people to share their joy.  I want to join their team! How great would that job be?

Here are links to just a few of my favourite projects and seriously, I had a difficult time narrowing it down. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (in a good way) and I’m sure you will continue to explore the site and discover the rest for yourself. (Sorry, I can’t do anything about the commercials at the beginning of some, but at least they are short).

Soul Pancake: Chatterbox.  I love this one!

Soul Pancake: Heart Attack  Not what you’re thinking. Trust me, you’ll like it. 

Soul Pancake: Listen Up!  Hmmm, kinda like my post “Go Ahead, Make My Day!”

Soul Pancake: Good News.  My philosophy exactly!

Soul Pancake.  A very Bright-Side of the Web!  Happy Friday!

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30-Day Challenge – Day 16

We’re half way through the November 30-Day Challenge!
How are you doing? Still sticking with it?
Don’t worry if you had a slip-up or two.  Just re-focus and forge ahead!
So far, so good for me. There were a couple of close calls. Habits are hard to break but luckily I remembered about the challenge in time to catch myself.  What I have noticed though is there are so many pizza commercials!! 

15 days down, 15 to go. 

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Bright-Side of the Web: Charlie Brown

Take a walk down memory lane with this week’s Bright-Side of the Web.
See how many of the lyrics you can remember.

Watch “Happiness” from “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”
(song begins at 1:30)

What is Happiness for you?

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Video credit: Youtube

Bright-Side of the Web: Derek Sivers

What makes a leader?

Who makes the leader into the leader?

What is the role of the follower?

Derek Sivers explains perfectly in a humorous 3 minute presentation: How to start a movement

Share your thoughts below.

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30-Day Challenge – November 2012, Day 1

It’s November 1st and time to begin the second of what I hope to become monthly 30-Day Challenges.

For this month’s challenge, I am going to attempt something I have never done before. Something that is bound to be a very, nay extremely, difficult challenge for me.

For the next 30 days, I am not going to eat any bread.

No bread.

I am having a hard time even typing that. No bread.

In the bread category, I am including sandwich bread, bagels, croissants, waffles, english muffins, muffins of any kind, and yes, even pizza – Gasp! (I was going to include pasta too but I fear this will be enough of a challenge. No need to go crazy. One step at a time)

I love bread and cutting it out for a month will definitely be a challenge but one which will bring me a step closer to regaining the healthy eating lifestyle I once enjoyed.

I have already managed to remove it from my breakfasts by drinking smoothies instead – a spill-over benefit from my yoga challenge. One meal down, two meals and snacks to go.

I also intend to continue the yoga practice that I have incorporated into my daily routine from last month’s challenge.

So, are you with me?  Are you going to cut out bread for a month? Or have you decided to challenge yourself in another way?

Share your November 30-Day Challenge below. Misery loves company! 🙂

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Bright-Side of the Web: Bobby McFerrin plays…the audience

Think you aren’t prone to sugestion? Bobby McFerrin challenges this notion in this week’s Bright-Side of the Web. From the World Science Festival in 2009, he demonstrates this principle.

Watch here.  Don’t worry, you’ll be happy you did!

Happy Friday!

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30-Day Challenge – Day 26

You’re rounding the bend.  The finish-line is in sight. 

4 more days!

This is the last weekend.  You’re almost there! 

Keep up the great work!


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Bright-Side of the Web: Coursera

Free University Education For All!

I mean it.  Everyone.  Everywhere.  No pre-requisites. No matter your income. The only provision is that you have access to a computer.

Coursera is a web-based portal from which to access free online classes offered from universities around the globe.

Have you ever wished you could say that you had a certificate from Stanford, Johns Hopkins, U. of London, or U. of Melbourne?  Well now you can.  Currently there are 33 universities offering a total of 198 courses from eighteen categories, and they continue to add more.

Courses generally range from 4-12 weeks in length and because it’s all online, you can study on your own schedule.

Check it out!  Over 1.6 million people already have!
What have you got to lose? (I’ve already signed up for four!)

Find Coursera’s Course Calendar here. 

Coursera? Definitely a Bright-Side of the Web!

What courses are you going to take?

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2012 Ethical Holiday Shopping Guide.
I had to share this blog post with you from “I Heart Change”. It is the first time that I have seen this Holiday Shopping Guide and I think it is definitely a positive thing. Check it out!

I Heart Change



It’s Here! My favorite project of the year!

The 2012 Ethical Holiday Shopping Guide helps you give back with your holiday purchases. Each gift you buy from one of these great businesses, goes back to supporting and empowering communities.

Have a click through! Share it! And vote for a better, more wonderful future for people all over the world.

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Bright-Side of the Web: Famous Failures

Have you ever given up
on something?

Watch this, then try again.

Bright-Side of the Web: Shawn Achor

I am rounding off this week with a very humourous and enlightening TED Talk video from Shawn Achor.

Shawn is a psychologist who studies the relationship between potential, success and happiness.

In his talk, he discusses potential. How do we measure potential?

Potential in schools is measured by the average that a group of students perform then based on that finding, teachings are geared to the average learner. Shawn says:

“If we study what is merely average, we will remain merely average.” 

If we change our focus, our potential will change too.

Shawn also describes
5 exercises to create lasting happiness. 

Well, why don’t I stop rambling and let him it explain it for himself. Enjoy:

Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

30-Day Challenge – Day 5

So four days of yoga are under my belt. I’m still jerky and stiff but I am seeing small progress everyday.  Day 5, here I come. Only 25 to go. 

Don’t forget to continue through the weekend. Those days count too. 

How’s it going with you? Have you kept up with your challenge?

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