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An Unimaginable Truth…

It’s almost unimaginable that The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not include the right for its citizens to live in a healthy environment.

What’s really happening in Canada?

Share with all your Canadian friends. With elections looming in Canada, it’s time we held our politicians accountable and make the environment a top topic in the campaigns.

What are your thoughts?

Find out more at David Suzuki Foundation
I do not work for the David Suzuki Foundation nor have I been commissioned to support this cause. I am, however, a very concerned Canadian citizen and I am thankful for the dedicated work of this foundation.

How To Choose The Words That Define You.

We all carry baggage of some sort.  Hurts from failed marriages, failed relationships, failed conversations.  Choices we’ve made that we wish could be reversed.  Things we’ve said that cannot be withdrawn.  Words we wished we said before it was too late.  Regrets, missed opportunities, unpleasant moments, sorrows, losses, pain, guilt, grief.  Negative emotions that we carry with us and let define who we are.  

We forget all the positives that we are:

…and the list goes on.

We get stuck on the one thing that makes us feel less than.  And that is one heavy suitcase to lug around – a steamer trunk of doom.

Words have power.  They have the power to hurt and the power to heal. They have the power to uplift, motivate, shape and destroy.  But is it the words themselves or is it the tone they are presented in?

We’ve all learned that email messages can be misconstrued. The intended tone of the writer is lost on the reader.

Or, is it our perception of ourselves that define how we interpret the words?

How did we achieve our self-perception? From the words we heard as children or by the non-verbal messages such as the look, the touch or the smile of our parents? One could argue equally on both counts. Regardless, words have power.

I’m a quote person – not a person likely to be quoted, although that would be an honour I hope to one day have bestowed – but a person who collects quotes.  Not just any quote that a particular famous person said or quotes about a specific topic but quotes that I hear or read and say “Oooo, that’s good”.  Quotes that make me see myself in a different light, a different angle. Quotes that empower and uplift.

I recently came across a young poet/artist named Shane Koyczan and his YouTube video entitled “We Are More” (below) in which he describes what it is to be Canadian.  His poetry, voice, imagery and delivery are beautiful and uplifting.  His words are powerful and positive.

Being a Canadian myself, I may be a bit biased with regards to his subject matter but I not only came away with a revived feeling of national patriotism, I came away with a quote that made me pause and reflect:

“Don’t let your luggage define your travels.” Shane Koyczan

It’s time to unlock that steamer trunk.  Blow off the cobwebs, flip up the latches, lift the lid to let in some light and see what’s inside.  Take each item out and look at its value.

Discard your preconceived notions about yourself and view yourself through the eyes of your children, your spouse, your friends and colleagues.

Remove all the heavy stuff – the disappointments and regrets.

Throw away the negativity, especially the demeaning words that you repeat to yourself – regardless of who said them first.

The journey is yours to make.  Pack carefully, take only what you need, dress in layers.

The lighter you pack, the further you can travel.

Link to Shane Koyczan’s video We Are More