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Bright-Side of the Web: Shawn Achor

I am rounding off this week with a very humourous and enlightening TED Talk video from Shawn Achor.

Shawn is a psychologist who studies the relationship between potential, success and happiness.

In his talk, he discusses potential. How do we measure potential?

Potential in schools is measured by the average that a group of students perform then based on that finding, teachings are geared to the average learner. Shawn says:

“If we study what is merely average, we will remain merely average.” 

If we change our focus, our potential will change too.

Shawn also describes
5 exercises to create lasting happiness. 

Well, why don’t I stop rambling and let him it explain it for himself. Enjoy:

Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

30-Day Challenge – Day 5

So four days of yoga are under my belt. I’m still jerky and stiff but I am seeing small progress everyday.  Day 5, here I come. Only 25 to go. 

Don’t forget to continue through the weekend. Those days count too. 

How’s it going with you? Have you kept up with your challenge?

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How To Determine Your Friends’ Worth

Do you ever wish you were stranded
on a desert island?

No more worries.
No more cell phones.
No internet, Twitter or Facebook.
Some exotic local where no-one could find you – finally alone with your thoughts, swinging in a hammock, with all the time in the world to do just as you pleased.

We’ve all dreamed of that from time to time.

So why then, in the rarity of this occurrence, do these apparently lucky individuals always seem obsessed with getting off the island?

Is the MSG in take-out food that addictive?
Would they rather gather food at the grocery store than climb a tree to knock down coconuts or fashion a spear out of bamboo and sea shells?

Or do we, as humans,
crave companionship to the point
that we would give up all chance of total freedom
to regain it? 

You have no doubt heard about the orphans in over-crowded Romanian orphanages which lacked the staff to care for the infants other than change their diapers and prop bottles in their cribs.* These children showed growth and developmental delays and had a higher rate of infant deaths, all attributed to the lack of human physical touch.

Touch forges the bridge that allows us to thrive.  

For most of us, our parents are our bridges. It is through their loving touch as infants that we grow to trust and love others.

Our families are our springboards, enabling us the courage and confidence to seek connections beyond our inner circle. To develop relationships, through trial and error, that will enhance our chance of survival; those we call our friends.

I know that for me, my close friends provide support when I need a boost.
They provide a confidential place to go when I need to vent.
They accept me as I am, warts and all.

We share similarities, past histories, and gut-busting laughter.
We share triumphs and trials.

They each exhibit the qualities that I value in a person and reflect the virtues that I value in myself.

And although we touch base via email or texts, we connect when we sit across from one another at a coffee shop or when walking a trail or even sitting side-by-side in a movie theatre.

We give each other hugs whether we need them or not.

And I know that I could not survive without them. 

They are my cheering section; the ones that never let me fall too far.  After all…

No man is an island.
                                                    John Donne (1572-1631)

What are your friends worth to you?

*Luckily this scenario is changing and there are now clinics where volunteers cuddle and hold the babies and a foster care program has been instated.

30-Day Challenge – Day 2 

Ok, Day 1 complete and I wasn’t sure that I could even begin.

We had a beautiful weekend where I live and I took advantage of it by cleaning out a long-neglected garden – pulling, edging, trimming, digging, lifting, yanking, dragging – for about 16 hours in total. Sunday night I could barely lift my legs to climb the stairs but my bed was beckoning, so I managed, one slow step at a time.

Monday morning I awoke with sore glutes, hamstrings, shoulder blades and lower back. But did I let that stop me from starting my yoga challenge? NO! – almost, but no. I popped in my Rodney Yee dvd and for 25 minutes followed along looking like a marionette to his Gumby. My jerky awkward movements were laughable I’m sure but luckily I had no witnesses. I pushed through and surprised myself. I completed it all to the best of my stiff abilities.  

I will update you on my progress periodically and hope you do the same. I have a long way to go before I reach Gumby-state but Pokey’s not a bad start. 

One down, 29 to go. 

Did you start your 30-Day challenge?  What did you do?


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Positive Ponderings: One Action

*  *  *
If you could do one thing TODAY
to bring a SMILE to someone’s face,

*  *  *

What Would You DO?

*  *  *

October 30-Day Challenge – Day 1

When I picture my ideal self, I picture someone healthy and strong.  I am not that way right now – fairly healthy, could be more so; barely strong, can’t get much less.  So, for my 30-day challenge, I am challenging myself to do yoga every day, beginning TODAY. I have tried this before, many times, without success but this time, I am going to be accountable to you. I will update you periodically on my progress (and pretend that you care).

Did you think of a challenge for yourself? I would love you to share it below and share your progress too.  And I assure you, I do care. 

Oooo! I’m excited! 30-day challenges; this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Find out more about the 30-Day Challenge. Click here

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Bright-Side of the Web: Matt Cutts, 30-Day Challenge

I am in love with TED!

When I am with TED, I am inspired, educated, entertained and enlightened.

I am of course talking about, the place that shares innovative ideas, original thinkers and accomplished speakers. Their tag line, Ideas Worth Spreading, says it all and I am thankful that they do.  It is definitely a bright-side of the web and one which I am likely to share with you frequently, as I have already done – fair warning.

Today’s Bright-Side is a 3 minute and 27 second tidbit from Matt Cutts, a Google engineer who has made a habit of 30-day challenges, and he challenges you too.

October is the perfect month to begin a 30-day challenge. The month starts on a Monday so you can begin the week and month off on a roll without any excuses for delay.

And 30 days isn’t so long.  It’s only:
two 15-day increments
three 10-day stints
4-1/2 weeks
5 Mondays to count
4 Fridays to check off

I have purposely posted this item today since we are approaching the end of September.  Take the weekend to think it over carefully, then on Monday, jump in with both feet.

What would you challenge yourself to do
for the next 30 days?

Let’s keep each other accountable.
On Monday, I’ll share what I will do and keep you posted on my progress and I’d love you to do the same.

Will you take the challenge? What will you try?

Watch Matt Cutts TED talk here.

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